Would you like to know what you are getting?
I sure would.  It sounds to good to be true, right?!!?
I undertand that!

Below is a list of the niches we currently have covered and some that are in the works we will have ready very soon.

And below that are some representative samples to give you an idea of the quality of the content for a couple selected niches, in the form of sample setups - just to give you an idea of how yours can look.  

Naturally it is samples only, and yours will be watermarked as such.  These are copyrighted samples only.

  • Please understand that every piece of content will be watermarked with YOUR Logo, Contact Info, and Call To Action. We also add a short comment to increase engagement.  
    In other words, it's customized specifically for YOU!!

    Don't worry, we will go over all that.  

    I won't leave you in the lurch.  Just so you understand what is included.

    And remember as well, that if you don't have all these sites presently, we can set them up for you.  Sure, there are optimized ways to do it, but you can set them up yourself.  I wouldn't recommend it if you want to get the most out of all this, but you can!
       - Facebook, the standard
       - GOOGLE, the 800 pound gorilla in the room
       - Pinterest, a surprisingly good sales outlet.
       - Instagram, with their very rabid followers.
       - LinkedIn, for those serving B2B customers, and
       - Twitter!  Not my personal fav, but lots of folks there.

    Honestly, you may not need or want them all right now, as they each have a different demographic of members.  I will be helping you understand each and their effect on your business.

    It's all content in your behalf and helps you rank with Google better, if nothing else.  Each of your posts can be a citation in big G's eyes.  And that helps you place in their Google My Business Profiles, which alone makes it worth doing!

    And if you think of it like fishing, it's all bait and 9 times out of 10, the more bait you use, the more fish you catch.  Even if some of the sites seem to not be applicable to you, they can each help you with linking and ranking. 

    And if you could take further advantage of them down the road with any changes you make, they would be in place and up and running for you.  They certainly help substantiate a higher sales price when it comes time to retire from the business too.

    For now though, don't worry about that, we will get to it!  
    You won't be doing this alone.

    These niches are available NOW:

    And with our $1 Trial offer you can have your 
    media site on the way right now!

    Those in blue are hot links to an actual samples page.
    They aren't all done as a matter of time.  
    Like to see one specific to you that isn't linked, hit me up.

    Auto Insurance
    Auto Service
    Bankruptcy Attorney
    Bars & Pubs
    Bathroom Remodeling
    Car Dealerships
    Carpet Cleaning
    Chiropractic Quotes
    Cleaning Companies
    Coffee Shops
    Daily Celebration
    Digital Agency
    Engagement Engine
    Facebook Marketing
    Family Law
    Funeral Services
    Gym & Fitness
    GMB Marketing
    Hair Salons
    Healthy Living
    Home Security
    Instagram Marketing
    Kitchen Remodeling
    Lawn Care
    Life Insurance
    Moving & Storage
    Nail Salon
    Personal Injury Attorney
    Pest Control
    Pizza Restaurants
    Swimming Pools
    Real Estate
    This Day In History

    Tree Service
    Water Restoration
    Wedding Planner

    sample social postings for accountant, family law attorney, handyman, real estate agent, pediatrician and electrician

    INCLUDED with your postings are a watermark, logo, contact info and call to action as is appropriate.  No one that sees your post will wonder where it came from.

    And as you can see above, a small comment has been added to each to compel reading them.

    When can we start on your social media pages?

    The upcoming niches that are being built now include:

    At Home Senior Care
    Bail Bonds
    Black History
    Canadian History
    Chambers of Commerce To Market Themselves
    Check Cashing/Pay Day Loans
    Chinese Restaurants
    Cosmetic Surgeons
    Credit Unions
    Dental Quotes
    Environmentally Friendly Posts
    Hardware Stores
    Health Insurance
    Holiday Images
    Home Audio Visual Installer
    Home Security Quotes
    IT Services
    Law Quotes
    Mexican Restaurants
    Mortgage Brokers
    Nursing Homes
    Painters 2
    Patriotic Images
    Pawn Shops
    Pet Hotels (Boarding, Grooming, and Training)
    Property Management
    Public Adjusters
    Rent To Own
    Septic Systems
    Shop Local
    Social Posting Services
    Sports History
    Staffing Agencies
    Towing Company
    Women's History

    social media posting $1 trial offer

    If you have seen enough and would like to get started, call me or text me.  I'm happy to call you back when it's convenient for both of us.  It will take a conversation to get this up and running as YOU would like to see it.

    Or, if you have any question, please call or text me.  I will be happy to answer anything you can throw at me.

    Again, I'm not interested in pressuring you to get a sale.  If it's right for you, you will know.  And with our $1. trial, that really is the purpose of it; to get to know each other.

    Not interested?   Text me that.  Just please let me know the names of your competitors, they might be interested.  Think about that...  Wouldn't you rather have this?  You really should.  It's a buck to find out if you like it.

    I can't provide these services to everyone in town.  While it won't be exclusive, it won't be offered to all either.  I do reserve the right to deny service so the field doesn't get to crowded in any particular area.

    At any rate, I thank you for your consideration and hope to be working with you in the near future!

    Let's both say a little prayer for this country.  She needs all the help we can give her right now!

    social media posting $1 trial offer

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