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(The "short story" is bolded if you want to get through this a little quicker.  My wife says I get rambling.)

Not sure who will see this or even care about any of it.  These things are usually blah, blah, blah, if you know what I mean.
But sometimes it's nice to know with whom you are doing business too.  So here goes...

I'm George "Corky" Devendorf, and this is me in the center when I was awarded Moose Of The Year.  I ran the dart leagues and tournaments for them for a few years in Winter Haven, Florida.
The Moose is a great organization that has many community projects in each Lodge.

The one I was most proud of, was our dart leagues raising money to help needy families with kids at Christmas time.  I started that program and I can't begin to describe the feeling of helping families buy Christmas gifts for the kids who might not otherwise have a Christmas, as those of us who have been blessed remember.  

It was intended for the kids, but I recall one year that was extra rough on a couple families, and they had to use the money just to keep the lights on.  When I heard about this, I put a call out to our members and we put together bags of Christmas presents to go with the funds.  To have a Mom and Dad tell you with tears in their eyes (and mine) how grateful they were is something so humbling that I will cherish, and remember forever.

As a side note, a potion of the proceeds from sales at this website will be donated to two VERY worthy programs.  First, St Jude's Children's hospital and second, The Wounded Warriors Project.  Both groups are very worthy of our support and I am proud to help them out.  Neither this website nor I am affiliated with either organization, other than as donors.

I suppose that has nothing to do with your business or my qualifications to help you, so let me get a little more over the target.  Boring stuff, but, here it is.

I've been making money online with several different methods since 2001.  Starting with eBay and we have accumulated well over 1000 reviews with only 1 neutral and 1 negative review.  We show a few over 900 I believe, but there were several customers who bought more than one item and they only count 1 per customer.  
The neutral was one of those folks who just won't be happy, you know the kind if you are in business, but such is business.  
And the negative was from someone who didn't read the auction or look at the photos.  When I explained the damage and asked her to look, she apologized profusely, but it is what it is.  
Our Seller's name is 3RiversCollectibles, if you would like to look us up.  It does probably say more about our customer service than most anything I could tell you, and it does span 2 decades.

Otherwise, I've worked with the Google Adsense program, where you publish a website and let Google put their ads on it.  They pay you a commission for each click you get.  If you are using Adwords, this is the other end of the same program.  Of note, I can tell you that I first had over 1.1M unique visitors to my websites in 2004 or 2005.  Guess I should look it up, but in that vicinity time wise.

Visitors is a much more telling stat than hits as your webmaster may be reporting to you. One visitor may give you 10, 20 or even more hits when they view a single page.  That is because each photo, each article, or each other aspect of a page equals 1 hit.  But a visitor is a unique person and counted as 1 only, no matter how many pages they see of your site.

In 2012 I was lucky enough to move to Florida, away from the snow and ice of the northern half of our nation.  And I semi retired.  Just had a few friends as clients that I managed their websites for them since.  It kept my finger on the pulse of what has been going on in the WWW world though.

And now with the last couple years I see so very many businesses trying to keep afloat. Honestly, I have been so very glad I'm in Florida, but much of the rest of the country has REALLY suffered as I see it.  And NOW, well, don't get me started on my outlook for the nation as a whole.  I'm not happy.

Politically, I have zero interest in getting involved.  I have come to loathe politicians. Another aspect that I shouldn't get started on. I'm waiting to see what really happens and how the fix will be put in for Hunter's laptop.  Ggggrrrr......  Let me just say, if you support the current "administration" I don't think we will get along very well.  Sorry, but you can find someone else to help you.

As I come down from my soapbox, it occurred to me that while I don't have the inclination to get involved politically, I can help small business, which is the backbone of our country, recover as best as possible from the damage inflicted upon it by government.

So that leads us to my new websites, SocialPosting.Org and SocialResuscitation.Com.  My experience has given me insight with small business, as I have owned one or more all of my adult life.  

I sold commercial insurance.  With that job, I have spoken to as many business owners and heard their problems, as most anyone.  

I know, I know...insurance salesman.  But, when you had a claim, I was your best friend!

But it did show me the issues of being in business and the problems facing many types of businesses.  #1 on the list was quality employees and what they will do to you as they are walking out the door.  #2 Sales and cash flow.  If you have neither of those issues, you are way ahead of the competition.

And I mentioned my internet experience, which I started on the side, just so I could move south and work poolside. Kinda worked.  Tough to see a laptop screen in the sun, I will take close to poolside.
IMHO, that combination has placed me in good standing to do just that.  Help bring business in your door.  

If you are still awake and not bored to tears, give me a call and get on our $1 trial offer.
Prove it to yourself whether or not our services work!  

We will post to your Facebook account for 2 weeks and if you like what you see and understand how it works, which I will help you with, we can keep posting and add your other social media accounts to see what we can do to bring some business in the door.
This service should REALLY be considered an investment, not an expense.

IF you would like to see one of our sample sites in action and it isn't linked to above, text me for a link.  Just let me know your name, company and what niche you are in. 
I think you will be very pleasantly surprised!

I know it's strange for a sales website, which this is, but I don't have a buy link on here.  Before I will send you that, I want to talk to you about your business to be sure it is a good fit.  This isn't for everyone and getting someone on board that isn't happy IS NOT what I am looking to do.  If we don't mesh, I will be the first to tell you!

I need a text or call from you to put this together anyway.  This is not a slam bam, thank you mam sale.  But rest assured it isn't a high pressure, get the most out of you I can call either.  I admit, it isn't run like other businesses, but I'm OK with that.  I hope you are too.  Again, you can look at my over 2 decades reviews at eBay to see how I roll...

Hope to hear from you!


$1 trial offer to post social media on your Facebook business account

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Need to talk?  Well, I run a service business and understand that.  If I have my cell phone on me and I haven't goofed and turned the ringer down too far and forgot it, I will pick up
I've been in my onw business for decades and have always done that.  Give me a try.

Or if your issue isn't that pressing, drop me a line by email at [email protected].  It takes me a little longer to get back to you, but I check email every AM and will do what I can to help you out or answer your question.

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$1 trial offer to post social media on your Facebook business account