"I've got LOTS of time for all 
those little details", 
E V E R !!

Short story... Unless you are hiding under a BIG rock, you know how important posting to Facebook can be to the future of your business.  In fact, posting to all the major social medias can be VERY important.

Social Media is today's best method to get your word out. You certainly want to be where the most prospects are and where they might be looking for YOU, don't you?  Well, they are ALL on Social Media.

We can make your social media management like a day at the beach.

And I'm not JUST talking about Facebook...
   - It's Google, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn TOO!..

Social Media Posting
& Management

Save Time & Make Money

If your social posting is one of those p.i.a. "little" details for you, then this may touch a nerve. I know it made a HUGE difference for me!

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How to diy post on social media, or have us do it for you

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I always had that same list of things to do, as I'm sure you have. Things that would sure be nice to get done.  But were tough to follow up on consistently when the daily pressures and my lack of time caught up with reality.

  - The first week: it's ok - No big deal.  
  - But towards the end of the week... "Dang, this is already turning into a chore."          
  - 2nd Week:  "What a pain in the a$@.  
  - And you have 50 weeks left to go!

Social Media "Management".  

    - Controlled.  

- Reliable.

I'm sure you have good intentions, just like I did.  We start out to handle it, but there always seems like something more pressing comes along.  

There just aren't enough hours in the day.
Posting doesn't get done today, even though we promised ourselves it would.
And tomorrow may not be looking good either.

So it slides....   Before you know it, it has been 2 weeks!

Sound familiar?  Exactly WHEN did you post last?  And before that?  Even once or twice a week won't keep pace with your competitors some times.  And if we don't, they show up on top of us in the search results.  Not where I want to be!!

That's not the best way to make the most of any Social Media.  It IS the sad reality though.

Take comfort in that you have LOTS of company though!

cpr for social media

The Double Edged Sword of  Social Media...

double edged sword of social media

Promotion is one of those things.

HAVE to do it, but when you’re busy already, it is a devil to be consistent.

It just makes sense though, the more posts you make, the wider your net stretches. More folks you touch, the more money you make. It’s a cycle you really need to maintain for your own good.

Wouldn't it be nice if that project could be done reliably and inexpensively FOR you?

Well, it just so happens…

That's where I come in. For under $150/ month, Facebook is handled for you... DAILY!.

But it gets MUCH better than that.  Stay with me now.

You see we can add on Social Media Postings to Facebook AND several other sites, like GOOGLE, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter for just a little more right now.

The normal charge is $550. Per month for all 6 sites, which would be a great deal!  But while we are doing one, we can extend it to all of them for $278 per month!  

- Automatically.

- Reliably.

- Efficiently.

- Daily.

*** Videos can also be included!  ***

AND we are ready to start your Social Posting, NOW!
    For all these sites:

Don’t have all of these accounts now?  
- We can set them up for you!

social media posting $1 trial offer

The world is different now than it was just 2 short years ago.

Business is done a little differently and habits have changed.

Online business has caused a new “natural” set of buying habits being formed and implemented.  Even cars are bought online now!! Enter Carvanna.

And even if a car is bought off a lot, it has been researched online before-hand.  I will bet your business is NO different.

You research purchases online, don’t you?  
So do your customers!

Restaurants even have ordering systems online now.  So much for the sense of smell, huh?

All of your competitors are looking at their online presence too.

But let’s face it, Social Media is immediate, shows up in search engines, is flexible for editing and is the very best modern method of advertising right now.  And into the foreseeable future!

social media icons floating

You see when a customer shares your post, they are recommending you and spreading the word for you!

I can offer many forms of online materials, but none matches the return on the dollar like social management does.  And who wants to use second best?  it's all about the bang for the busk these days.

If your competitor gets a hold of this, THEY will now show up online where you SHOULD be, they win.
It’s up to you…

It's the Buyers who now control the process of selecting where they will do business.  
And the short story is that you have to be there exactly WHEN and WHERE they are looking for you.

You know yourself that you might see an ad multiple times and totally ignore it.  Then when you happen to actually BE in the market for those services, it hits you like a ton of bricks.


You need to have multiple sources of traffic online to be where the customer wants to find you.  That is what we do.

And our services are on sale NOW!.

Want to view my samples for Y O U R BUSINESS?  
Take a look HERE!  

Contact me when YOU are ready.  

I want to be sure it will work for you.  

When you are ready to go, you need to contact me.  I will:

 - 1) answer any questions you have on my process and;
 - 2) be sure this will work for you.  It works for 95%+ of service businesses, but if it won’t work for YOU, I won’t waste your time.  That isn’t going to help either of us!

Next step is yours, my friend!

Keep in mind that while this is an automated, intelligent process, I am a very real and very accessible business person.  So if you do have questions, hit me up by phone or text.  Due to the huge amount of spam I get from having my number be posted here, I suggest you text me first to let me know you want to talk.  Just let me know your name so I can add it to my directory and say something like questions on social.

Please understand that I'm "retired" and do this for a little beer money and to help out businesses who are coming out of the pandemic into a different world.  So I'm not looking to put my kids thru college on your dime.  My services are very reasonable and very good.

Prove it to yourself with our $1. trial!

 $1 trial social media management for multiple outlets

Do you feel like this could be what you’re looking for?

And just so you know, a portion of the proceeds from this venture will be donated to both Wounded Warriors and St Jude's Children Hospital.  I have no affiliation with them other than they are 2 of my favorite causes.  

I would add that there is no affiliation with Facebook, Pinterest, Google, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn at all.

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